Artesania Sorata Expands Creatively into the Community…..

Apart from the creative energy generated through our artisans at Artesania Sorata, we also have found ways to reach out into the community. In 1992 we founded "Amigos Del Hogar" a group of volunteers dedicated to helping disadvantaged children. A creativity workshop was our first project at the State-run transitory children´s home, Hogar José Soria.

Since its humble beginnings, we have helped hundreds of children to express themselves creatively, raising self-esteem while having lots of fun. We provide a workspace filled with art materials and volunteers to guide the children in their activities. Over the years the program has expanded to also include creativity programs at several other State homes helping children with family problems, physical disabilities, legal problems, hearing loss and mental disabilities.

In 2003 we created a hearing program that provides hearing aids and transportation to a special needs school for children with hearing loss. In 2007 we began with volunteers at this school as well. Hearing professionals as well as non-professionals are very welcome. Bolivian sign language classes can be arranged upon arrival in La Paz for volunteers interested in this program.

Volunteers need to have a good knowledge of Spanish, although we can consider receiving assistant volunteers who are learning Spanish.

For volunteering in any of these homes or at the deaf school, we need a commitment of a minimum of 2 months. Volunteers who can offer more time will find the experience very rewarding.

Please note that we do NOT charge any fees for volunteering in our projects.

If you would like to help the children with disabilities and family problems in Bolivia but cannor come to volunteer with us you can make a donation using PayPal by pressing the "DONATE" button below.

For more information please click on The Creativity Program or The Hearing Program.